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Workshop Sponsor

Would you like to host a self-development workshop? This can be make-up, entrepreneurship, resume writing, higher education workshops etc. Can be specific to an age(s) category i.e. Miss, Teen and/or Jr. Teen.


  • Social Media Mention & Highlight (FB/IG) on both @Miss.RD.MCNJ & @DOMC.NJ

  • Website Logo Feature and clickable link to your website

  • Included in Video compilation at final Event.

  • 1 Promo mentions at designated event

  • Photo with winners

  • 1 VIP Tickets Pageant of choice

  • Present one award of choice to one candidate at 1 of our pageant events

Sponsor us Today! 

Sponsor agrees to provide the following to Dominicans of Middlesex County NJ in regards to the Miss Republica Dominicana de Middlesex County, NJ for use in marketing and promotion materials: Logo and Promo Video.


This can be submitted afterwards but must be submitted by January 30th 2023. Not doing so may result in forfeiting promotional video and program book listing for final event.

Upload File

Once email confirmation for workshop is received by sponsor, this document becomes a legally binding sponsorship agreement between the above listed parties sponsor agrees to host thus mentioned workshop in return for the above mentioned benefits. Additional perks can be discussed and sent via email to confirm agreement:

This sponsorship is Tax-deductible as advertisements expense.

No employee/employer relationship is established or implied with the sponsorship agreement Dominicans of Middlesex County NJ has no liability or responsibility to the sponsor beyond the scope of this agreement.


The sponsor grants Dominicans of Middlesex County, NJ,   the right to use their intellectual property in promoting the event including logos and other brand trademarks. If the nature of the purchased a sponsorship package must be changed for any reason Dominicans of Middlesex County NJ agrees to notify the sponsor in writing.


The purchased sponsorship package is not transferable nor refundable for any reason, if the sponsor cannot meet the financial requirements of the agreement the sponsor agrees to provide written notification to the promoter any timely manner so Dominicans of Middlesex County, NJ can find another suitable sponsor.


By checking off below you, the business mentioned above and/or person named, agree to enter into the sponsorship agreement.

Suitable for what category?

Approval of event is necessary by all Pageant Directors.

We will contact you to confirm and set date.  

Thanks for submitting!

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