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Do you have what it takes to be Queen?
¿Tienes lo que se necesita para ser reina?

As a winner of Miss Herencia Dominicana you will be representing the community in various community events as well as the state of NJ. 

Although we are a beauty pageant, part of our goal is to bring real world experience to all of our candidates. Whether it be modeling, interviewing for a professional career, Higher Education, politics or even entrepreneurship, we want to equip our candidates with valuable information and skills to use in the world around us. 

Why should you enter?

  • Benefit from valuable experiences and develop new skills (e.g. interview skills, public speaking, interpersonal communication, social interaction, etc.)

  • Discover new things about yourself.

  • Make new friendships and valuable relationships.

  • Learn the discipline of setting and meeting goals.

  • Develop a sense of responsibility for helping out and giving back to the community.

  • Learn more about the Dominican Culture and who we are here in the Diaspora. 



Pageant Requirements and Frequently Asked Questions

All contestants must register for the casting call- $25 Mandatory Non-Refundable Application Fee.


Todas las concursantes deben registrarse para la convocatoria de casting: tarifa de inscripción no-reembolsable obligatoria de $30. Cada concursante será juzgada por su belleza, apariencia general y personalidad.

Our focus is Middlesex County NJ but contestants may reside in any NJ city. All contestants however must be actively living in NJ. They must also be between the ages of 4-26 born a female. For specific requirements for each age group please check out the specific age category on our main pageant page here.

Casting Call


What do the Contestants do at the casting?

Contestants will be required to present themselves to the panel and be prepared to answer questions about themselves, what they like to do, where they see themselves in the future and why they would like to be a Miss Republica Dominicana Middlesex County, NJ. They will also be require to model across the stage.



For the Teen and Miss categories, all black attire is mandatory. This can be a black fitted dress or leggings/jeans and a top. All clothing must be form fitting and must not have additional decor on it. Contestants must come in must come in minimum 3 inch heels, no more than 5in. 

For the Mini and Junior categories, they can wear anything but preferably a dress. Any shoes can be worn but must not have lights or highly decorated. 

Makeup must be natural and not excessive. Hair can be done in any form but well groomed. 


Preguntas más frecuentes

Is there a height requirement? 

No, there is no height requirement.

Do I need to speak Spanish? 

¿Necesito hablar español?

You must at least be able to understand Spanish and have a basic conversation in Spanish. Teen and Miss Category will have to answer the final question in Spanish. We are able to help you prepare and perfect your Spanish speaking skills.


I was born in the USA but my Parents/Grandparents are from Dominican Republic. Can I participate? 

To participate you must have at least 1 parent or 2 grandparents from the Dominican Republic in order to qualify even if you yourself were born in the USA or elsewhere.

What if I have never modeled before?

Contestants are not required to have experience. Aside from experience, we will also be looking at potential, ability to be taught and desire to participate. We will also be hosting training classes for the contestants to prepare them for the final event. 

Where will the casting call be held? 

Casting location will be in Perth Amboy, NJ, more information will be given once registered.


When will we know if we are chosen to move forward in the pageant?

¿Cuándo sabremos si somos elegidos para avanzar en el certamen?

After the casting call, panel will decide, and all selected contestants will be notified within 10 days.

What happens after the contestants are selected?

After contestants are notified, they will have 90 days to pay the pageant entry fee of $200. This fee can be paid by sponsors. 

How do contestants get sponsors?

¿Cómo consiguen patrocinadores los concursantes?

We will equip all contestants with template letters  and a mini workshop in order to prepare you to begin soliciting sponsors.

Are there other fees involved?

For a list of fees, please visit our fees page here.

After we are selected are we on our own to train?

No, all contestants will be required to attend monthly and bi-monthly practices, training and workshops. Training is not mandatory but Workshops are. 

Will there be a swimsuit competition for any of the categories?


As an organization that seeks to empower women, we believe that swimsuit is not necessary. It is important for us that our candidates learn the concept of modesty and use it to apply it to their lives as they feel is best. We have replaced the swimsuit with Business Wear

Will there be a talent show competition?

No, there will not be a talent portion. 

When and where will the final event be?

There will be two pageant events. The Mini and Junior Category and the Jr. Teen Teen and Miss Categories. Date and location has not been decided as of yet

Stay tuned for any further FAQ updates.

Estén atentos para más actualizaciones de preguntas frecuentes.​​

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